Churches Get Creative in Addressing Poverty: Jobs, Charity Organizations and Politics

Churches can help people help themselves without giving them free handouts.

A visit to my local Catholic Church caught me off guard when at the close of the service the pastor began naming jobs that had opened up around town. I had never thought about a church helping its community in this way. Those that had lost their job needed a job or wanted to change jobs learned of opportunities prior to the beginning of the new week. Now they had somewhere to start in their job search thanks to the pastor and other members of the congregation who had passed the information along.

A local Baptist Church in my town has found another way to help needy people without giving them money and in the process it allows those who need help to have some dignity. The congregation does this by supporting local charities and organizations. Instead of giving money directly to needy individuals or families they give the money to organizations that supply those lacking with basic necessities. For example, Good Samaritan is a local organization that this Baptist Church in particular supports. Good Samaritan operates by selling some things cheap enough that they can be afforded.

A person can buy clothes and shoes. If clothes have holes in them but they are still good enough to wear they will get bagged up and given away. Good Samaritan also weeds out the people who aren’t truly needy but are just looking for handouts. Individuals and families have to fill out a form to qualify. If they qualify they will get free food. Some may qualify to have their utilities paid, medications paid, rent etc. A church may support local or widespread organizations.

Churches can make a difference in changing the conditions of communities by getting involved in politics. A local Baptist Church in my area is set up for voting. If you live in that precinct this is where you’ll go. What a wonderful way for a Church to encourage voting. In this way it sends out the message that your vote counts. Members of the congregation can encourage those living among an afflicted community to vote for candidates that can help change the situations for the better. These situations might be rent control for instance. At the beginning or close of a Church service the candidates for election can be discussed. Questions that may be helpful to discuss are “What has the candidate promised to do if elected? Will they be able to deliver what they promised? What are they for? What are they opposed to? What are their values and beliefs?”

Blogging Religion: Pastors Blog to the Lost, Church Members and Same Denominations

Religion is going one step forward by making a mark in the blogging community. For Lutheran Pastor Miguel Torneire daily blogging is a way to post activities of his church such as dates and times of important church events like vacation bible school, the church schedule and special services. Through online donations the church can pay for utilities and maintain the church building, help people in the missions field, and take care of the needy locally.

Spiritual questions can be asked and answered. Church members who have problems or concerns that they cannot talk to the pastor about face to face may find that they can more openly ask questions on a blog. Daily blogs give pastors the opportunity to be available twenty-four hours a day instead of just a few hours for counseling sessions or an eight-hour day in a church office depending on whether that day holds funeral and wedding services. People who only go to church once a week won't have to squeak by on the six days in between before getting the answer to a question they would have waited to ask on church day thanks to daily blogging pastors.

Blogs can allow churches in the same denomination to communicate. Church members from out of town, state or country can catch up through blogging on other same denomination church activities. They can donate online to help their fellow denomination if a tragedy happens or to share their prosperity with one that is less fortunate.

Another tool of blogging gives pastors the opportunity to send out brochures or other materials such as a bible to those who do not have a church home. Those without a church home can read the bible or materials and ask the pastor questions on the blog before stepping one foot in the church. In this way the pressure to join a church they might have felt obliged to join simply by their first time attendance would be removed.

One might call blogging religion blogging for the lost. It is an outlet to spread good news to those who have questions, are looking for a church home, are seeking the advice of a pastor or want to seek the counsel of a pastor from the same denomination because they are having problems communicating with their own pastor. Pastors can take prayer requests and pray for those who ask or need it or they can blog prayers. Pastors can get to know people on a more personal level by blogging a journal about their passion of and for religion to those who need it most.

Key Health Reform Act Dates for Buying Individual Health Insurance

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act after much toiling, debate, and media attention. This is the most sweeping overhaul of our healthcare system in recent history, and the implications for the average American will be huge.

While the bill was passed into law in March of 2010, much of it will not be enacted until the beginning of 2014 and beyond. However, effective this summer, people with existing medical conditions will be able to join a high-risk pool in which they will receive subsidies to cover their premiums. Furthermore, effective September 23, 2010, children will be able to stay enrolled in their parent’s health insurance plan until they are 26, and insurers will be forced to cover children under 19 with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does, however, require that all Americans be covered by health insurance, whether you can afford it or not. The objective of the Health Care Reform Act is to ensure that no individual is denied coverage or prevented from purchasing coverage because of high health care premiums. The government has decided that it is better to subsidize the cost of medical insurance so that all Americans have minimum coverage than for the uninsured to wait until they become very sick and require more expensive procedures.

If you already have health insurance, you don’t have to worry as you will be able to keep your existing plan. Since you already meet the requirement for maintaining health care coverage, you will not have to pay a fine for non-insurance when the new law goes into effect in 2014.

This means that everyone who can afford to purchase health insurance must do so by the time the law takes effect in 2014 or face penalty fines. If you are uninsured, you have the choice of buying one of three types of coverage: public program coverage, coverage from the individual health insurance market, or coverage from your employer. If you do not purchase health insurance by 2014, you will have to pay an excise tax of $95. If you still do not have it by 2015, the tax jumps to $325, and if you still do not have it by 2016, the penalty is $695. Additional taxes will occur in subsequent years. Children under 18 who do not have coverage will be taxed half of the above amounts. The penalty for low-income individuals is capped at $695 per year and rises for higher-income Americans to either $2,085 or 2.5% of their income, whichever is greater. While these taxes may appear steep to some, the fines are actually much lower than the cost of buying individual health insurance, thus allowing some Americans to skirt the mandate to buy insurance until it is actually needed.

Of course, there are exceptions to these fines. People who cannot afford the insurance, people who object to health insurance for religious reasons, illegal immigrants, and those in prison are exempt from the rule, and thus the penalties.

While it will take a few years to feel the full effects of the new health care reform, it will more than likely have a massive impact on the country as a whole as it requires every American to have coverage. The new law may still be amended or even challenged in court before it is in full swing, however it will certainly prove to be a mammoth task for employers and health insurance companies alike to ready themselves for the sweeping overhaul.

The Secret Doctrine of the Church (Pardon Me, Cult) of Scientology

To date, I have written twenty-three articles relating to Scientology, which has been described by some as the most dangerous cult in the world today, yet it occurs to me that I have not directly addressed the most obvious question: what do Scientologists believe? I'm sure at least some of you (who happen to watch South Park) think you already know what's coming, and you're right except that there's a bit more to it than spaceships and alien ghosts.

In Scientology, there is a ladder of sorts called "The Bridge to Total Freedom" which one can climb by taking expensive courses. The Bridge is split up into two parts: Dianetics and the OT (operating thetan) levels. In Dianetics, one is taught that they have a subconcious "reactive mind" which absorbs painful experiences and anything said or seen during those experiences. This affects your behavior, your mental state, and your physical well-being.

The goal of Dianetics is to reach the state of "clear." When a person becomes clear, all engrams (a word made up by L. Ron Hubbard to describe the aforementioned negative "memories") have been removed from one's mind. A clear is expected to have a perfect memory, an extroardinary I.Q. level, and physically invulnerable as far as health is concerned. In order to reach the state of clear, one must undergo a form of brainwashing (pardon me, "spiritual councilling") called auditing. In auditing, which some have described as a form of hypnosis, the subject is asked to answer questions about their life. The answers of these sometimes probing interviews are written down and can be as blackmail if the subject should ever express a desire to leave Scientology.

Having reached the state of clear, a Scientologist will go to a Scientology org (short for organization and meaning a building where auditors and Scientology officials work) in Clearwater, Florida or Las Angeles, California or some other such city since the average Scientology org can't give someone the necesarry courses to move up the OT levels. The word thetan was coined by L. Ron Hubbard as the Scientology word for "spirit" or "soul" and according to Hubbard, an operating thetan has almost god-like powers.

At the levknown as OT III, a scientologist learns the ultimate secret of life on Earth. Let's see how much of this you're already familiar with. Seventy-five million years ago, Earth was known as Teegeeack and it was part of the Galactic Confederation. The Galactic Confederation was ruled over by Lord Xenu, who had been appointed by the Loyal Officers.

Lord Xenu had a problem, however, on average his planets had 178 billion aliens each. In order to deal with such a massive overpopulation problem, Xenu had many of his subjects gathered together–one of the ways of doing such was to call them in for tax inspection–and killed. As they were killed, the aliens were covered with a mix of alcohol and glycol which trapped their thetans inside the dead bodies. The aliens were then frozen, packed into little boxes, and flown to Earth in spaceships that looked exactly like DC8s except that they had rocket engines.

Once on Earth, the aliens were laid at the bases of volcanoes which then had H-bombs dropped on them. However, because Xenu didn't want the alien souls to come back to their planets and reincarnated–which cause the overpopulation problem to pop right back up–he created a giant electronic ribbon in the sky which trapped the thetans. Then, the aliens were brought to a theatre where thet watched motion pictures for thirty-six days that brainwashed them into believing in a false reality and in God and Satan.

Today, we are covered with these thetans who cluster together because, having watched the same brainwashing materials, they think they are all the same entity. These thetans, known as body thetans, inhibit the abilities and capacities of our souls, causing us to be depressed, diseased, and mortal. The only way to rid ourselves of our body thetans is to telepathically tell them to–in the words of Gollum–"go away."

As for Xenu, he was overthrown by the Loyal Officers and locked away in a little cave, which he is kept in with a forcefield powered by an eternal battery. He is still alive today. The Loyal Officers are also still around except that instead of still being aliens, they have all been reincarnated as the Sea Org, Scientology's private army, which is "the only organization dedicated to the clearing of planet Earth" which was Hubbard's way of saying world domination. Thus, the motto of the Sea Org is "we come back" in reference to their failure to stop Xenu originally and their determination to redeem themselves through the spread of Scientology.

According to CNN report, only ten percent of Scientologists have reached OT III. This is a statistic I have never heard elsewhere but based on the fact that this was CNN, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. The claim is not really too far-fetched considering that one ex-Scientologist once told me reaching
OT III could cost up to one million dollars.

For further information, I would recommend this Youtube video concerning Hubbard's teachings on Jesus , googling "the eight dynamic", or simply visiting this wikileaks page

Joyetech eVic-VT 60W Full Kit Review

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Over the years Joyetech has become known to specialize in the market of easy to use box mods that make due with limited features and modes. With the release of their new eVic flagship model – the eVic-VT 60W – they finally had the courage to step out of that niche market and create their very first full featured vape. Now equipped with the highly desired temperature control mode Joyetech has something in store for more demanding vapers, at last. We are going to review the eVic-VT full kit, which ships together with a eGo One Mega sub-ohm tank to form a very promising starter kit for everyone interested in sub-ohm or temperature control vaping at a price of only $79.99.

Joyetech eVic-VT 60W specs and build quality

The sleek design with contrasting colors and racing stripes on either side of the chassis sure make for an optical highlight. The box mod is available in three different color combinations: black with red stripes, white with sky blue stripes and orange with black stripes. Finished with a mirror-like chrome top it creates a very unique and bold, yet elegant appearance.

The eVic-VT doesn’t only appeal from the outside, though, it has quite a bit of power packed inside of it, too. Most noteworthy is the huge 5000 mAh integrated battery that will last you for days before needing a recharge. Considering the size and battery capacity this device is surprisingly light-weight. The rocker is conveniently placed at the top of the mod and can easily be controlled by your thumb while the device sits comfortably in your hand.

The air flow control system is very responsive and offers everything from an extremely tight to very loose draw. Even when used out in the sunlight with vape liquid uk we found the bright display to be easily readable and not as reflective as other displays we have tested. This is definitely a bonus if you like to vape on the go. On the contrary, the device can also be put into stealth mode to turn off the bright OLED display in case you need to stay low profile while vaping at night or in dark rooms.

As we mentioned earlier, Joyetech has finally implemented a dual temperature control mode that cranks up to 315°C compatible with both nickel and titanium coils. To round the bundle off, the included eGo One Mega sub-ohm tank comes with a nickel and a titanium coil so you have everything you need in one box. Firing down to a mere 0.15 Ohm resistance in temperature control mode this vape is well suited to handle most popular sub-ohm tanks.

Joyetech eVic-VT 60W vapor production and e liquid flavor

We tested both coils and found ourselves with a nice and warm vape especially towards the upper end of the temperature range in TC mode. We have to say we would have really like Joyetech to kick the eVic-VT up a notch further and place it more in the 100W maximum output range because as it is now, the 60W is pushed to its limits rather quickly if you’re really trying to get the best out of your coils at low resistance levels. On the bright side, considering this is Joyetech’s first full featured temperature control mode vaporizer they have done quite well. Temperature adjustments feel very responsive, accurate and consistent. We quite enjoyed the simple to user interface and got a tasty vape from this kit straight out of the box without worrying too much about setting it up right. This might just be the eVic-VT’s market niche: big vape with little effort.

Bunnies, Chocolate and Church

It was a Sunday morning, the warm sun streaming through the windows, warming the insides of our farmhouse. I pulled on a dress for church and raced downstairs just knowing there was an Easter basket full of chocolate waiting for me.

But that was the only surprise I got. Also near the basket full of fake grass and chocolates was this big pink bunny with an outfit on. I picked up this bunny and hugged him so tight, and a six year old’s grip can be quit strong. I was allowed only to have a couple pieces of chocolate before breakfast, but that pink bunny was coming to breakfast with me. Oh, I loved the bunny so, but I don’t think I ever gave it a name.

We ate breakfast as a family, gathered around a large table to accommodate all of us; there was my father, my mother, my sister, and two brothers, and myself. After breakfast, our father had us go outside into the backyard where our grandmother, my dad’s mom, joined us. We gathered together for an Easter picture. I remember that picture and it was one of my most favorites though I do not have a copy of it that I can remember.

But I remember standing in front with my pink bunny, wearing a pink dress, my hair in two pig tails, my family surrounding me, and the sun shining warmly on us. I was happy at that moment and wanted it to last, for I knew today was a special day. Not a day of just getting chocolate or a special toy. Somehow that came about. But today, after the picture, we were on our way to church to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

At five years old, I knew Easter meant a very special happening in our history, where Jesus was crucified and then resurrected and it is His resurrection we celebrate on this day. Even though I knew this, I still had a hard time fathoming all that Christ went through for me, for my family, for others around the world. It just seemed too big for me to grasp.

After church, we came home and had a special dinner in Jesus’ honor. So I guess for me Easter meant both that I got chocolate, but my parents made sure I knew the real reason we have Easter. I’m not sure why, but that Easter stands out for me. I cannot recall any Easter before nor really any specific one after. But that day, held something special for me, something I still feel to this day, and I’ll cherish it forever.

How to Keep Your Child Busy at Church

It is difficult for children to sit and listen during church. Without anything to occupy them you will hear nothing but crying and fussiness. I learned the hard way with my first child. I didn't do anything to keep my child busy so he would scream and cry to the point we had to take him out of church. There are some things you can do to help keep your child busy at church so you can listen to what the speaker is saying.

Bring books for your child to read. A variety of different books are a good idea to keep your child's interest. You may find children's church books at a local religion store. This way they are learning about church according to their age level.

Have a variety of quiet toys for your child to play with. When finding toys select ones that have muti functions. I learned that a toy that only does one thing would last only five minutes. Some good quiet toys that can keep a child's attention are pegs and pegboards, Elmo doodle board, small puzzle and cards.

Provide snacks. This was the best for my child. As long as he was putting something in his mouth he was quiet. I made sure he was a little hungry before bringing him to church. Some good snacks that don't make too much of a mess is bear grahams, mozzarella sticks, apples and cereal.

Bring something your child can write or draw on. Coloring books are fun and have many different pictures your child can color. You can also bring different colored paper with crayons and markers.

Encourage your child to participate when there is an opportunity. For example, singing is a wonderful time to get your child involved. They can hum the words if they don't know it. They can pretend they are the chorister and move their hands while you sing. You can have them point to the words on the hymnbook as your singing.

Put all the different items in a bag made just for church. All the activities and snacks should be special. Your children shouldn't be playing with them at home or else where. Every month get new things for your children to keep them interested. It would be ideal to have enough things for six months then you can alternate different games and activities. By having a plan and many things to keep your child busy church will go smoothly.

Healthy Food Restaurants in Boston

Health Food restaurants are the place for young people to hangout nowadays. So, it would only seem natural that a beautiful city like Boston has its own fair share of these enjoyable establishments. What makes a health food restaurant? Food that's actually good for you of course! And these restaurants that I have complied in this article definitely deliver on high quality Healthy foods, so if you are watching your weight, these restaurants are the ideal places to eat guilt free.

Christopher's Restaurant and Bar

1920 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

With the romantically exposed brick walls, and the cracking fireplace you know something is special at Christopher's Restaurant and bar. But, why would a pub-like restaurant have any relevance to a Health Foodie? Because, Christopher's only serves burgers that are made with 100% naturally raised beef, in other words "no chemicals". So, a health conscious consumer can walk right into the cozy dining room at Christopher's, order a hamburger, and eat without causing any bodily harm. But, Christopher's restaurant & bar is far more then a jazzed up burger joint. For an affordable price your can drink one of their many quality alcohols, or if you don't plan of getting hammered you can shoot for their buffalo wings that are made from free-range chickens. I like Christopher's restaurant & bar, the people are friendly and intelligent, and the food is down right delicious. With the 20-plus beers that are on tap, and the numerous televisions, this restaurant is a great place to hangout and meet new faces.

Souper Salad

209 Berkeley St, Boston, MA

If you are a vegetarian or you just cannot stand the sound of a hamburger and alcohol, then the Souper Salad restaurant in Boston is right up your alley. Instead of attracting people with alcohol or flashy televisions, Souper Salad takes a conservative approach and offers people a really stellar salad bar at an affordable price. The small tables obviously cater to a busy two-on-two work crowd, but there is enough room in this friendly little establishment for a family to enjoy a healthy lunch. Souper Salad also caters to the soup crowd, with a daily list of their most popular soup selections. Grandma's Chicken noodle seems to be the most popular of these, with its fresh taste and the usage of Organic chicken stock this soup is ideal for anyone who is seeking a healthy lunch choice. Overall, with the bustling street scene and the deliciously healthy food, Souper Salad is the place to be for healthy lunch choices in Boston.


1 N Beacon St, Allston, MA

Grasshopper is an Asian restaurant that is a popular hangout for healthy eaters in Boston. What makes Grasshopper unique from any other Asian restaurant? The usage of their pan-Asian vegetable specialties, which make for a deliciously wonderful dining experience. Grasshopper is a buffet style restaurant and boy is it a welcome environment during the scorching weekends in Boston. The dining room has contemporary art along the walls, created by local artists. And the staff at Grasshopper restaurant is friendly and extremely knowledgeable, I was pleased with the quality of the buffet style vegetable selection. Soups are another popular item at Grasshopper, the wonton soup is made with huge chunks of broccoli, and the broth is made with organic chicken stock. The pricing is inexpensive, and this restaurant is very family friendly, especially for the little ones. Overall, Grasshopper is a must visit if you are ever looking for healthy food in the Boston area.


Here are some of the best "healthy" restaurants that Boston has to offer. They are trendy, inexpensive, and feature a wonderful selection of cheap healthy eats. So, can Boston be classified as a Healthy place to dine? Yes! And the Bostonians do it quite well I might add, so next time you are in the Boston area check out these really healthy restaurants.

Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit review

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The Kanger Subox Mini starter kit was released by Kangertech with the goal to provide intermediate users with an ideal starter kit to advanced box mods and RBAs. To accomplish this, Kanger picked their highly popular Kanger Sub-Tank Mini and combined it with the reliable KBOX and a few improvements. A facelift later they presented us this Subox Mini Starter Kit currently available for only $69.99. Built on two items that have already proven themselves individually what could possibly be bad about this? We had a look to see if this turned out to be as good as anticipated.

Kanger Subox Mini specs and quality

First of all, this box mod looks badass! The black and red colorway looks awesome, the vaporizer is very ergonomically designed and sits nicely in your hand without getting tired. The chassis makes a reasonably sturdy impression and the magnetic battery door sticks on tightly. The display is well organized to show you everything you need to know such as wattage, voltage, battery life or resistances. The KBOX Mini powers from 7W to 50W in increments of 0.1W for ultimate control and supports resistances as low as 0.3 Ohm. The Sub-Tank Mini has already established itself as a solid staple on the market and has been upgraded to perform even better. The air flow control has been improved, the tank holds as much as 4.5ml e-liquid and supports two coil configurations. A 0.5 Ohm OCC coil, a 1.5 Ohm OCC coil as well as a RBA Mini Plus head are already included, so you can build your own coils.


Kanger Subox Mini vapor production and e liquid flavour

Overall we are pleased to say the Subox Mini has improved a lot in terms of e liquid flavour and vapor when compared to the Kbox Mini 40W. At as little as 20W we already started to draw some really nice vapor clouds. The new air flow system keeps the device cool even at higher wattage, so you can really crank up the power and enjoy the beautiful warm and thick vapor. It’s got a nice throat hit to it and brings out the e liquid flavour really nicely – a lot better than other sub-ohm tanks of this price range we have tried.

The Verdict

The Kanger Subox Mini is not only designed to be sexy but also ergonomic. The overall building quality is very good, everything sits tightly where it should – no rattling. Performance-wise you can really tell that Kanger made some smart changes at the right spots because this powerful, little vaporizer is right up there with the very best in its price range as far as vapor and vape liquid online flavour are concerned. Wattage output control works accurately and the redesigned rebuildable atomizer is a very solid staple for every vaping enthusiast to have. Unfortunately, it does not feature a temperature control mode, we do hope to see that in the future. At a price of $69.99 the Kanger Subox Mini starter kit is a great deal, though, and is a good pick for most advanced vapers.


Non-Church Jobs for Bible, Ministry or Biblical Studies Majors

Do you have a degree in Bible, missions, youth ministry, or Biblical Studies? Are you searching for a job, and would prefer not to work for a church? Have you decided that preaching is not your calling and would like a non-church job? Here are a few career ideas for Bible majors.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #1
: Hospital or Prison Chaplain

A chaplain serves many roles in hospitals and prisons. They provide counseling, offer spiritual guidance, and lead religious services. They help both patients (or inmates) and their families. It can be a very rewarding, but stressful job. Chaplains are also, of course, needed in the military. Read “The Responsibilities of a Chaplain” for more insight.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #2
: Parole / Probation Officer

Are you tough, or can at least pretend to be? Do you think you could work with felons, violent offenders, or people who have just been released from prison? A career as a parole officer might be for you. While the requirements vary according to states, most will hire applicants with a Bible degree. (Sociology, social work, and Criminal Justice degrees are preferred, but are not essential.)

For job openings in Texas, visit the TDCJ website here. For other states, just find the website of the agency that handles criminal justice. You might also just google “parole officer jobs.”

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #3: CPS / DHR Caseworker

Do you have a heart for helping children in need? Do you think you could handle working with abused and/or neglected children? A job as a CPS caseworker might be for you. There are several different types of CPS jobs. Some help parents learn basic parenting skills, others will provide services to youth in foster care. To apply in your state, google “children’s protective services” along with your state to find the name of the agency. In Texas it is called the Department of Protective and Family Services. You can find out about job openings in Texas here.

While it is preferred that caseworkers have a degree in social work or a related field, it is not necessary. In fact, in Texas, there are caseworkers with degrees in business, education, and political science. If this is something you would like to do, it might help to gain some volunteer experience. Consider becoming a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Visit the website here for more information.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #4: Life Coach

If a stable salary is not a necessity and you’d like to start your own business, you might consider becoming a life coach. Check out “So You’re Thinking About Becoming a LIfe Coach?’ for tips and insight. It does require some additional schooling.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #5: Houseparent

If you’d like to play an active role in a child’s life, this might be the job for you. This is a residential position where you will mentor, discipline, and nurture children who have been abused or neglected. Some group homes require couples, but others welcome singles. (In fact, in some situations, they prefer singles.) To search job opportunities, visit this website here.

Another idea is to apply to be a dorm parent at a private boarding school. There are many boarding schools that hire dorm parents. Visit this website here to find schools, and search on their websites for employment opportunities.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #6: Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies such as Allstate and State Farm have openings for several positions that pay well. These jobs usually only require a bachelor’s degree in any field. While a business degree is preferred, they will hire applicants who have degrees in other fields, including Bible. Visit the websites of insurance companies you would like to work for to learn more about career opportunities.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #7: Restaurant Manager

Many restaurants have manager training programs. They welcome applicants with any type of degree, including Bible. One website to start your search for a restaurant manager job is here.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #8: Freelance Writer

This one might require an additional part-time job to help supplement your income. If you love to write, a job as a freelance writer might be for you. Read “Freelance Writing Sites for Beginners: Where to Write and Get Paid for It” for suggestions. You might also check out Another helpful article to read is “5 Freelance Writer Forums: Find Advice on Freelance Writing Jobs.”

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #9: Business Owner

If you have lots of determination and motivation, this might be a great time to start your own business. You could buy a franchise such as a coffee shop. (Read “Low Cost Coffee Franchises” for some ideas.) For advice on starting your own business, take a look at “5 Basic Tips for Starting Your Own Business”.

Job Idea for Bible / Ministry Majors #10: English Teacher

Feeling adventurous? Consider teaching English overseas for a few years. Read “Teach English in China: The Ups and Downs” for some insight. You might contact your college’s career center and ask for advice on choosing a program overseas to work for.

These are ten career ideas for people with degrees in Bible, youth ministry, missions or Biblical studies. Good luck as you make decisions for your future!

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